Telecom Market Research
If you have always been looking for expert, up-to-date telecom information, per country, per region, for the world, covering the fixed, mobile and Internet markets, HOT TELECOM is the site for you. We have an extensive list of generic reports available online and we also have a team of real life telecom experts available to develope bespoke reports tailored to your needs.
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Generic reports, available to be purchased online:

Bespoke Analysis:

HOT TELECOM’s experts have extensive experience  in all types of telecoms operators, at all levels and across all departments world-wide. We are therefore well equipped to help you with any special reports, analysis or information gathering requirements you may have.

Our team of international telecom experts can help you with any of the following customized report requirements and more:

      • Senior level executive surveys
      • Competitor analysis
      • White Papers
      • Support for Marcomms teams
      • Business Plans
      • Marketing Plans
      • Telecom market analysis (IPX, OTT, Enterprise)
      • C-Level presentations
      • Company profile
      • Country profile

If you require a bespoke analysis tailored to your needs, please contact us at: or +1 514 270 1636 and we will be happy to develop it for you.