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Philippe Millet, Chairman i3Forum
The Future is IP

February 2013

IP Exchange (IPX) is ever more a subject of conversation in the industry, and is seen by many as one of the key accelerators to full IP transition. Numerous providers and customers have been delaying their decision to migrate to IP, however the advent of LTE, HD Voice and services requiring high quality, secure interoperability is triggering a more immediate need for this transition.

IPX is one solution to this challenge, however it is still misunderstood and many do not really grasp the full potential of this platform and the benefit it can bring.

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Paul Taylor, CEO BTC
Rising to the Challenge

January 2013

Paul Taylor, CEO of Botswana Telecommunications Corporation is rising to the challenge of transforming the country’s telecom incumbent into a customer centric, world class operator in preparation for the next phase of its evolution: privatisation and backbone separation.

Having worked as a telecom business leader in 60 countries on 4 continents, he has led successful IPOs, privatisations, acquisitions and license bids across the world. Enriched by his extensive global experience, Paul definitely is the Man for the Challenge.

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Michel Guyot, President Global Voice Services
The Passion behind the Voice

October 2012

Behind every great team is an inspirational leader. Someone that not only recognises and values dynamic and creative people, but that is able to lead them, convey his passion for the business, while constantly pushing the boundaries.

Having worked for Michel early on in my career, I can say without hesitation that Michel is one of these men: an inspirational, passionate leader who knows the meaning of hard work and who has led Tata Communications to become the world leader in international wholesale voice.

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Funke Opeke, CEO Main One Cable
The Main One

September 2012

Behind every successful project, is one passionate, determined, inspirational driving force. Someone that believes in the project, won't rest until it's done and done well. In other words, the 'main one’ behind that success.

Having met with Funke Opeke in Chicago in May, I was so inspired by what she had achieved that I had to find out more about what made her so special. My first impressions of Funke can be summarised in a few simple words: a charismatic and dynamic business woman who exudes self-confidence. A business woman that means business.

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